Our core audiences – enterprise security departments and network, application, or identity architecture teams – face many challenges. Being inundated by business demands, disruptive technologies and threats can make it difficult to systematically implement good security practices across the enterprise and steadily mature them. It’s easy to get trapped in tactical, reactive, fire-fighting mode. And with so many security products, services and concepts competing for attention, its easy to lose focus. 

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there

— Lewis Carroll

Investment in architecture and strategic planning can help prevent future meltdowns. At Security Architects Partners, we want to help you focus and move away from unproductive, reactive cycles. To get ahead of the curve with well-defined security architecture planning that addresses the technical, governance process and policy dimensions. We’ll help you develop a security roadmap to implement the architecture with specific solutions. Depending on your needs, this architecture can cover a broad set of enterprise concerns, or just the specific security domains you require. 


 Our security architecture consulting packages combines various offerings and skills:

  • Assessments: Map out your environment and projects.
  • Workshops: Get a team of stakeholders up to speed.
  • Facilitation: Help the stakeholders to agree or decide on complex or controversial matters. 
  • Analysis: Walk through alternative approaches, industry trends and peer practices – select options.
  • Target architecture: Document the desired future state architecture in detail, and provide basis and justification for each component or decision.
  • Gap analysis: Qualify and quantify the gap between today’s security baseline and the target state.
  • Transition plan: Chart the path towards the target with phased implementation steps. 
  • Executive presentation: Present the architecture, transition plan and roadmap to executive management for approval.
  • Retainer: Leverage us for a nominal monthly cost to continuously adapt the security architecture as events, and changes, progress.

Our team members and extended partners have performed many engagements for over 25 years with hundreds of large enterprise and mid-sized customers. Although most architecture projects tend to follow the basic patterns listed above, we’re flexible to accommodate a variety of delivery formats. Depending on client preferences, we can fine tune an existing architecture of record; put inhouse resources already assigned to an architecture project on the fast track with our coaching and facilitation; or act as an extension of staff.


Please see our FAQ to understand how we propose and deliver engagements, or contact us for more information.