Beyond the well-prescribed structure of packaged assessments and architectures offerings, clients can engage us to perform customized research or consulting projects. Using our strong research, analysis, facilitation, project management and writing skills we can help with a variety of engagements.

  • Security Provider Evaluation/RFP: Ensure proper solution definition, selection and agreements by leveraging Security Architects Partners’ skills, criteria, tools and methodologies for security vendor or service provider evaluation.
  • Business Case Development: Gain buy-in by engaging Security Architects Partners to help define and justify a security project or program.
  • Policy and Standards Development: Create new security policies, standards and guidelines or improve existing ones.
  • Breach Aftermath Strategic Planning: Security Architects Partners can help you stay strategic even in the wake of a breach by translating the results of detailed forensic investigations and audits into better-informed assessments, recommendations and roadmaps.

 The above offerings are just a few examples of the types of work we’ve helped clients with in the past.