GDPR Unsubscribe Notice

This blog uses a service called Mailchimp to mail copies of new posts to persons that have previously subscribed to receive them. To be able to do this, Mailchimp stores a copy of the subscribers’ names and email addresses … Continue reading

Asking the Right Privacy-By-Design Questions at #CIWUSA17

Privacy-by-Design technical and business process engineering important for solving business GDPR compliance challenges. But the privacy issues and enforcement questions around GDPR are pretty complex. How should companies begin?

The Consumer Identity World conference will be starting in just a… Continue reading

Three Laws of the IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) can be a mighty scary place. Whether you’re worried about privacy violations when Google Analytics meets your electric meter, malware shutting off the pacemaker or other scenarios for death through devices, there’s lots to be… Continue reading

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