Active Directory Audit: Why and How

Why is 1:00 PM EST March 26 important? That’s when I’ll be presenting an Active Directory Audit webinar. The figure below features some of the issues I’ll be covering that motivate audit. A brief description of the webinar follows. Please sign up with BeyondTrust for the event here.

As IT environments become more complex, Active Directory systems become more vulnerable to misconfiguration and other oversights that leave the organization highly vulnerable to a devastating compromise. Unless we can rapidly home in on external cyberattackers or rogue domain administrators moving laterally into the AD environment and escalating their privileges, disaster could strike.

In this webinar, Security Architects Partners Principal Consultant Dan Blum will cover:

  • Why AD presents a target-rich environment
  • Common AD attack vectors
  • Strong security policies and practices that enhance AD protection
  • How to identify and fix security gaps through an effective AD audit

If you have concerns that you may be overlooking cyber threats to your Active Directory environment, don’t miss this webinar!

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