Announcing New Partner, Webinar, and Going to IdentiVerse

In June doings for Security Architects Partners – it’s a busy month! We’re excited for Identiverse where I’ll be attending in my role of free lance KuppingerCole analyst. The figure below says it all; contact us if you’d like to arrange a quick onsite chat in Boston.

Source: Identiverse Web Site

Also for KuppingerCole, stay tuned for some fresh webinar content on July 12 concerning the growing threats to enterprise Active Directory (AD). Not only is AD the target of choice for financially-motivated cyberattackers, it’s also become both reconnaissance tool and target for ransomware. Now more than ever, clients should consider AD disaster recovery. This webinar by Dan Blum and Semperis will cover our AD Infrastructure Protection Matrix (listing the top 15 AD risk drivers) and some AD protection practices and products.

New Partner

Last but not least, we’re very pleased to announced that Adi Agrawal – a Corporate Transformation and Risk Management Expert – is joining Security Architects Partners’ extended team. Mr. Agrawal helps management teams and company boards  frame, deliver and monitor information risks; he applies learning, synthesized from global experiences in strategic planning, risk management, mergers and acquisitions, business launch, value extraction, regulatory approvals, realtime high throughput business critical operations and systems & process engineering; including technical, enterprise and change leadership within startups, private and public companies. As a practitioner and thought leader at the confluence of risk management, information technology risk and security matters, he has presented frameworks, methods and success factors at several global risk management and information security conferences.

Illustrative needs that Mr. Agrawal can address include:

  • Transformation, Repair & Rehabilitation
  • Capability Development and Business Expansion
  • Information Security and Systems & Process Engineering

Mr. Agrawal’s detailed bio is here.

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