Cloud Identity Summit Keynotes: Identity – the Enabler of Next

Andre Durand, CEO, kicked CIS 2013 (#cisNAPA) off with “Identity – the Enabler of Next” – and if I don’t entirely like where “next” is going, that’s not his fault. Anyway, I’ll share Andre’s 9 observations and 1 AHA moment coloured with the briefest of his commentary. I’ll offer some opinions then go on to the next two CIS 2013 keynote presentations in a follow up post.
#1 I’m growing attributes                    
As in linked in or socially verified attributes – everything that can verify us will be known in time
#2 I’m being CONNECTED    
Who I know defines who I am
#3 I’m being WATCHED        
For every identity enabled convenience there will be an equal and opposite privacy implication
#4 Even when watching, I’m being watched
If my identity can be exploited it probably will be
#5 My virtual world is invading my physical world       
Everything around us is becoming smart
#6 My stuff is becoming tagged and traceable 
Even my keys have keys, e.g. SquareTag
#7 It’s all about Location, Location, Location      
Devices and location being used to strengthen authentication
#8 My personal and corporate clouds have gotten cozy        
Hazardously intertwined
#9 My identity is converging around my phone       
How long will I still need plastic id?
Aha moment   
In the end it will all center around me and my device. Identity needs to be embedded between applications and the network.
Over the next 10 years enterprises will outsource identity
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