Rising to the Security Challenge of Heavy Cloud Adoption

Need to deal more effectively with cloud security challenges? Then please register to attend my KuppingerCole webinar: DATE: Tuesday, October 11, 2016 TIME: 6:00pm CEST, 12:00pm EDT, 9:00am PDT.

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Speaking as a Senior Analyst for KuppingerCole in this webinar, I’ll sum up the most important points of my upcoming advisory note “Rising to the Security Challenge of Heavy Cloud Adoption.” This note will provide actionable and detailed recommendations on how IT security leadership can deal best with the challenges of strategic uncertainty, regulatory compliance, shadow IT, fragmented security infrastructure and agile development or devops practices in the business. The Webinar will provide recommendations on how to:

  • Engage with multiple stakeholders in an actual or virtual IT Cloud Strategy team
  • Determine the primary cloud direction and governance model
  • Understand the enterprise’s application hosting guidelines
  • Help implement cloud management and assurance frameworks
  • Optimize protection for cloud networking and mobility
  • Optimize cloud identity and access management

These recommendations stem from lessons learned from more than 10 years as a cloud security analyst, and during recent consulting engagements with Security Architects Partners. We’ve seen many enterprises decide on a “cloud first” strategy and/or experience heavy adoption, without an actionable security strategy. We’ve helped security teams face difficult challenges controlling, influencing or enabling cloud adoption.

Strategic uncertainty in IT itself can leave security organizations rudderless, without direction. IT departments often have an outdated cloud strategy or even none at all. It is difficult to develop a cloud security strategy without the over-arching direction from IT and the business.

A good IT Cloud Strategy must not only specify a cloud direction but also the expected interactions between business units, customers, suppliers and competitors. It has to be well-aligned with the organization’s business drivers, principles, practices, and patterns. In a rapidly changing environment, it should have a strong focus on architecture, risk management, and collaboration. We have to rethink identity and access management – the “new perimeter” – for cloud. Users and endpoints in the hybrid multi-cloud and mobile environments must also be protected from network-borne cyber-attacks, DDOS, and malware.

We’d like to help your organization secure its journey to the cloud. Please register to attend my KuppingerCole webinar: DATE: Tuesday, October 11, 2016 TIME: 6:00pm CEST, 12:00pm EDT, 9:00am PDT. Then, feel free to contact us and we can start to advise you directly. Just put “cloud security dialogue request” in the subject line. Thanks, and see you there!

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