Complimentary Webinar: Cyber-Resilience in the Face of a Breach

Two weeks ago I stood before a conference crowd at Cyber Security World 2015 and said: “I hate the term cybersecurity.” And proceeded to give essentially the same presentation that we’ll now bring to all of you through our “Cyber-Resilience in the Face of a Breach” webinar on Thursday November 19 2:00 PM EDT. REGISTER HERE!


Fortunately, they didn’t throw me out of Cyber Security World 🙂 So I did get a chance to explain that in the face of all the breaches we’re experiencing at this stage of history, cyber “security” (aka “freedom from danger” in the dictionary) seems to be a false promise and “resilience” much more achievable. 

And that’s what next week’s webinar is all about. Cyber-resilience in the face of a breach – whether the breach is still (thankfully) in the future, happening now or even in the recent past. We’ll talk about proactive incident response, contingency planning and recovery.

Here’s the full abstract that we sent out to folks by email last week.


Adding to Anthem’s woes following the breach of 80 million health insurance records, 10 U.S. states launched formal complaints that the company was too slow on consumer disclosure. In these situations, more reputational damage can result from the nature of a response than from the breach itself. A poor response can ignite a firestorm of bad publicity followed by lawsuits and regulatory sanctions. Unprepared and understaffed for the escalating burden, organizations may then experience immeasurable business opportunity costs as reactive reporting and remediation requirements divert resources away from revenue-producing IT development and strategic security improvements.

No organization wants to find itself in the above scenario. Fortunately, a few relatively simple plans, processes and technology improvements can help mitigate the potential for crisis. Attend this webinar and learn how to:

  • Understand a regulatory landscape demanding transparency and early disclosure
  • Avoid or minimize breach damage through proactive incident response programs
  • Prepare breach contingency plans in advance
  • Maintain a strategic focus in the aftermath of a breach


CISO’s, CIO’s, Senior VP’s, IT / Security Directors and Managers, CTO’s, Risk Managers and Audit/Compliance Officers or Staff

REGISTER HERE for Cyber-Resilience in the Face of a Breach on Thursday November 19 2:00 PM EDT

It could save your bacon!

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