The Challenge

Advanced threats and sophisticated cyber criminals target a broad range of industries – from financial services or hi-tech firms to civilian government agencies and even retail companies. Insider threats remain; new threats or risks such as hacktivists and medical identity theft emerge. All threat actors have access to underground cybercrime ecosystem tools, such as botnets and exploit kits, which amplify the danger. Whether adversaries are highly sophisticated – or just numerous – it can be difficult to stop them from penetrating the enterprise environment. And it can be even more difficult to detect them once they’re inside. Well-prepared people, robust processes and advanced technologies are needed to meet the cybersecurity challenge.

Consulting Capabilities

  • Understand a broad spectrum of peer enterprise customer issues in cybersecurity
  • Offer an objective, independent perspective for your organization
  • Educate or facilitate decisions by a cybersecurity team
  • Assess current state in cybersecurity and map out reasonable and prudent future states
  • Develop an effective architecture and roadmap for all cybersecurity program components 
  • Specify or evaluate strategies, designs or vendors for anti-malware, defense in defense, security monitoring and other critical components


  • Understand the threat landscape as it pertains to the business the enterprise is in
  • Create an ongoing threat assessment program integrated with enterprise risk management
  • Rationalize and specify a full-spectrum defense against malware and prioritized threats
  • Ensure the enterprise security architecture meets the cybersecurity challenge
  • Create a roadmap to “put out the fires”, move towards the target architecture and continuously improve
  • Prepare for internal or external audits and assessments of your ability to manage cybersecurity risks