Dan Blum to Speak at ForgeRock NYC Identity Summit

I’ll be headed back to the Big Apple – the city of my birth where it all began – to the ForgeRock Identity Summit: Building Digital Trust with Digital Identity.

It will be great to be in the company of industry leaders and visionaries like Mike Ellis, Eve Maler, Suzanne Kelly, and Matt Devost at this conference. (Not Bob Blakley though, who once famously said at a Burton Group conference: “Trust is for suckers.”) I’ll have to tease the ForgeRock folks about that 🙂

Anyway, here’s what we’re looking at overall for an agenda:

  • Learn how identity can help you build digital trust
  • Get the latest on User-Managed Privacy Standards
  • Discover strategies to help you securely leverage the IoT

Musing on: A new truism making the rounds is digital trust literally does begin with identity – if you’re one of the first or second world citizens with a birth certificate. Sadly, 1.5 billion people don’t have documented legal identity and this is correlated with poverty, ill-health and more problems. Phil Windley spoke on this subject at the ID2020 event, but I’d also heard Mia Harbitz cover it at the European Identity Conference.

The detailed topics and questions for my panel will be:

Topic: Digital Economy

How has the digital economy impacted your businesses?  Can you each explain how it has changed your customer experience and services you deliver?

Topic: Digital + Identity

Why is identity important to your business/organization? How does Identity and Access Management help drive value and enable you to execute on your digital strategy? 

Topic: The Internal Stakeholders and Influencers

While most of us here come from an IT discipline within our organizations, I know many of you are working with business unit managers, marketing teams, customer support, etc.   Can you speak to the stakeholders and influencers that you are now collaborating with to drive digital transformation within your organizations? 

Topic – Identity for Customers

How are the requirements for customer-facing identity different from the requirements for your employee-facing identity initiatives?  For example, Is your selection and evaluation process the same?

Topic – Privacy

There is a lot of conversation happening today around privacy. What do you hear from your customers on this topic?  Is it a concern and what are their expectations? 

Topic – Dev Ops, the Cloud, Blockchain

Dev Ops, Cloud, Blockchain are three tech topics that are kicking up a lot of discussion.  What are you organizations doing in these areas?  How relevant are they to your organization?

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