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Identity Management eSummit
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SEPTEMBER 14, 2017 Starting at 12:00 PM ET

KEYNOTE: Transformative Trends and Leading Practices in Digital Identity
Dan Blum, Managing Partner and Principal Consultant, Security Architects LLC

Digital identity is central to the digital transformation of modern business. Mobile, cloud, IoT, machine learning, Privacy-by-Design, agile delivery, and other technology trends are evolving at incredible speed – each bearing business opportunity and risk. Major growth opportunities require skillful management of identity lifecycles and relationships with customers, partners, and other constituents.

Industry has responded with an innovative wave of identity standards, products, and cloud-based services. However, the IAM systems many organizations have in place don’t yet scale to growing volumes of people, things, data, and relationships. Others have not yet adapted to new regulatory realities, such as the European Union’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR).

If privacy-related issues such as obtaining consent for use of personal data in marketing are mishandled, companies face heavy penalties. But “checklist compliance” alone doesn’t enable the business to continue to expand its customer base and retain permission to market to international customers covered by privacy regulations. In this virtual keynote, Security Architects Partners Principal Consultant Dan Blum will further explain identity industry trends, challenges, and opportunities. He will identify leading practices and provide actionable recommendations on how to: 

  • Govern identity and access management (IAM) in the enterprise 
  • Architect and Integrate across critical data protection, IT service management, and key management touch points
  • Embed identity services in the application infrastructure and development process 
  • Communicate identity knowledge and awareness between stakeholders to maximize operational effectiveness
  • Mitigate risks of breach using identity controls to prevent or detect adversaries in the cybersecurity kill chain

To fuel the business in the second golden age of identity, we must all be innovators.

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