Track Moderator at KuppingerCole EIC Conference

Looking forward to an action packed KuppingerCole European Identity Conference, or EIC.

Participating on the Analyst Panel “Connected Consumers, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Robotics & more: Shaping the Future of IAM”: It will great to revisit this topic, which turns electronic identity management, and the way relationships are managed, on its head by looking at the customer point of view. (Flashbacks to parts of 2013 and 2014 working with a company called Respect Network on creating a “personal cloud network” with an underlying trust framework, reputation system and semantic graph…) It will great to talk with Eve Maler, Ian Glazer and my other co-panelists on how this space has evolved.

Moderating the Identity-Aware Cybersecurity Track: The notion of identity and access management (IAM) as a first class citizen of cybersecurity isn’t exactly new; recall pundits were saying 15 years ago it’s at least as important to let the good guys in as keep the bad guys out. Yet as IT endlessly evolves, IAM seems to require constant tweaking (and occasional reinvention). Nirvana always seems a bit further out on the maturity curve, standing out on the next level of sophistication once a new area of innovation unfolds. And so within this track we’ll explore:

Moderating Access Governance Vulnerabilities Panel: We need to get beyond manual access reviews and certification. What is next for the IAM suites from CA, IBM, Oracle, RSA and others? 

Moderating IAM automation  Panel: IAM automation can be seen now not just from the individual level (single sign on) or the enterprise level (account provisioning) but also from the infrastructure level. There, on the frontier of agile cloud computing, we find a need to deploy “immutable instances or containers.” Admin logins to immutable workloads never happen – they aren’t changed, patched or reconfigured, only replaced. But IAM remains as important as ever in service-level credential management, the pipeline of continuous release integration / orchestration, and so many other things.

It will be great just to hang out and participate at the EIC conference. I’m looking forward to Demystifying the Blockchain: Technology, Strategy, Legal.” Is blockchain everything its visionaries hope for? Will  neglected integrity end up standing taller in the CIA triad with confidentiality and availability? And other panels like “Creating an Identity-Aware IT Ecosystem.” Whatever will they talk about? I know I would be interested not just in our above topic of how identity infuses automation, but also the use of identity in security analytics and more.


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