The Challenge: Identity and access management (IAM) is one of the most important yet complex domains of the security infrastructure. Ability to use, store and transfer personal data (aka the “new oil of IT”) is critical to enabling business and applications alike. How well an enterprise protects identity information (PII) affects reputation, legal position and financial well-being. PII and other information assets must be accessible only to authorized individuals, and the enterprise must be able to show due diligence and assurance in authentication, access control and audit systems.Through effective IAM, an organization can make staff more productive, enrich online customer relationships while enabling new services, and maximize the value in partner supply chains.

Our Solution: With over 25+ years of identity management expertise, Security Architects Partners have a thorough understanding of IAM technology and deployment best practices. We use this knowledge to assess your near-term and long-term strategies and help build the cornerstone of your security infrastructure. We can provide: 

  • Assessment and discovery: Depending on a client’s needs, we can provide either a rapid assessment or a deep domain assessment focused on identity management and related areas. Topics to be investigated (at a level of depth determined by the specifics of the project) include:
    • Identity and privacy policy and governance
    • User authentication
    • User lifecycle management
    • User authorization
    • Roles and access management
    • Automated and manual provisioning
    • Directory services
    • Identity data integration
    • Federated identity management
    • Identity auditing
    • Cloud identity, or identity-as-a-service (IDaaS)
  • Architecture:  Following discovery, we transition into developing recommendations for the enterprise identity management architecture and strategy. Security Architects Partners will:
    • Work with the client to validate and prioritize gaps in the current state
    • Define principles and objectives for the goal state architecture
    • Analyze and present alternative conceptual, logical and solution architecture patterns
    • Facilitate onsite or online meetings or workshops to select desirable patterns
    • Develop detailed architecture improvement recommendations 
  • Strategic Roadmap: During this phase, Security Architects Partners develops a phased roadmap of specific initiatives and projects enabling the IAM strategy and target architecture. Specific projects at this stage may also be customized to include vendor evaluation/RFP, business case, risk assessments and policy/standards development for IAM.

Benefits: Through the strategy developed with Security Architects Partners’ help, the IAM program can any and all of the following benefits.

  • Short term tactical remediation of critical gaps identified, immediate risk reduction
  • Improved user experience for employees, partners and customers (authentication, personalization)
  • Agility in adoption of in-house or cloud-based identity enabled applications and services
  • Cost savings from reduced administration and help desk burdens (through automation, delegation, and self-service capabilities)
  • Clarity and content of regulatory reporting on the organization’s direction (e.g. in response to audit findings)
  • Privacy-by-Design architecture enabling new business initiatives at reduced reputational and regulatory risk
  • Enhanced quality and automation of identity-dependent processes (service ticketing, workflow)
  • Technical architecture and guidance improvements 
  • Increased IT operational excellence and application security


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