Federation’s Dirty Little Secrets

Dan Beckett will be presenting on identity federation in Minneapolis with the Identity and Access Management (IAM) Users Group.
Abstract: Your Mission: To boldly go where no Enterprise* has gone before…Deliver a well-managed, secure, transparent, invulnerable business ecosystem for employees, business partners, and consumers. For years, federation standards and products have promised to equip enterprises with the tools necessary to accomplish that mission. However, federation comes with it’s own set of challenges that the standards and leading products don’t fully address. In this session, Dan Beckett from Security Architects Partners will expose these dirty little secrets and discuss good practices for a truly world-class federation infrastructure.
 Save the Dates

September 7

Kansas City MO @ Lidia’s Kansas City

September 14


September 27

Minneapolis MN (location TBD)

Challenges Security Architects Partners Can Help You Solve
  • How can we mature the identity management infrastructure?
  • How can IAM enable us to take advantage of mobility, cloud and extended enterprise opportunities – securely?
  • Do we have the right security and identity management roadmap?
  • Does our policy and technology framework facilitate compliance with privacy and security regulations?
  • How can protect ourselves against advanced – and numerous – threats?
  • Do we have the capability to respond to security incidents before they become a serious breach?
  • How can we run our business better through stronger security?

If you’re an IAM professional and/or in the Minneapolis area, please check out the IAM User’s Group event (consider joining). Also: Dan Beckett, Doug Simmons and I would like to help all IAM professional mature their enterprise federations. Feel free to contact us and we can start to advise you directly. Just put “IAM” or “Federation” in the contact request subject line. Thanks, and see you there!

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