Welcome to Rational Cybersecurity for Business Readers

The is a landing page for readers of my book who are interested in identity and access management (IAM). We identified “Control Access with Minimal Drag on the Business” as one of the top six priorities for security programs and devoted a chapter to the topic. This page enables us to go a bit deeper into the topic, and link to related resources. We can also add the content over time based on reader comments. Please let us know what else you’d like to see us cover here. 

The following are some ideas for expanding readers’ knowledge or mastery of identity management.

Consider joining IDPro

IDPro is a professional association for identity management that exists to globally foster ethics and excellence in the practice and profession of digital identity. Among other resources, IDPro offers a Knowledge Base for identity management and is developing professional certification programs.

Attend one of the Top Identity Management Conferences

Note: Due to COVID-19, all or most will be cancelled or take place online. However, these are annual events. In future years, we will be able to gather in person again!

IAM Assessments

With my consulting partners, I can provide a full IAM assessment of your business requirements and a current state state analysis. The IAM assessment can be directly translated into an engagement for develop a target state IAM architecture and implementation road map. The following is a general description of our Security Assessments, and a list of other services in our IAM Portfolio.