Kansas City Here I Come

Sign up here for the next Kansas City IAM User Group gathering on November 8 at 3:00-5:00 PM to see our very own Dan Beckett and Doug Simmons speak at Lidia’s – an upscale northern Italian restaurant!

Meetup Announcement

We have an exciting event planned this November, you don’t want to miss this one!   In fact – you will want to share this with your industry peers!

Not one but two presenters from Security Architect Partners.  Want to learn more about Blockchain Identity?  This is going to be GOOD!!

For those of you who have attended before, you may have noticed we do a lot of networking at the start of the meeting.  This time….we have to mix it up a bit.  Networking at the end!

What does this mean to you?  Be there at 3PM!!  It’s going to worth it!

Grab a drink, a delicious Lidia’s meal and let’s get down to industry learning from 2 experienced leaders in the industry.

First up:

Doug Simmons brings more than 25 years of experience in IT security, risk management and identity and access management (IAM). He focuses on IT security, risk management and IAM.


 Dan Beckett is a member of Security Architects Partners’ extended team with over 27 years of experience in IT, Privacy, Information Security and Identity Management. 

A big shout out to Radiant Logic for sponsoring this event.


Fats Domino – Kansas City – YouTube



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