Through our Cybersecurity Strategies portfolio, we provide the following projects :

  • Compliance or Certification Readiness Assessment: Rapidly prepares your organization for critical compliance audits, or to obtain critical certifications, such as SOC 2. 
  • Executive Cybersecurity Coaching: Helps CISOs or senior security leaders increase program maturity, allocate resources, and enhance security-related processes, and craft the right messages in reports, presentations, and other communications to business audiences such as the Board of Directors and other stakeholders.
  • Encryption and Data Loss Prevention: Develops strategies, architectures, and roadmaps for the business to discover, govern, and protect sensitive information at the data level.
  • Ransomware Readiness Exercise: Enables businesses to prevent or remediate ransomware through a multi-faceted approach including focused risk assessments, anti-malware strategies, and augmented recovery capabilities.

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