The Challenge: Dangerous Data Breach Risks

The danger of legal, regulatory, and financial liability and other damages from sensitive data breaches has never been greater. Although businesses have many controls such as multi-factor authentication to help keep cyber attackers at bay, regulators and stakeholders also expect to see protection at the data level through data governance, encryption architecture, and data loss prevention (DLP). Implementing data governance and DLP requires crafted processes tuned to the business for better stakeholder engagement. Deploying enterprise encryption and key management (EKM) requires multi-layered solutions, strong internal controls, architecture trade-offs, and integration with cloud-native EKM systems.

Our Solution: Data Protection & Loss Prevention

Through multiple engagements in all areas of data protection, we’ve developed extensive experience and instrumentation to assist clients in building up a data governance program, encryption architecture, DLP strategy, or any combination of them. We can:

  • Facilitate workshops to share knowledge of your unique enterprise data protection requirements.
  • Perform data governance, DLP, and encryption gap analyses and focused risk assessments (optional).
  • Provide architecture patterns, integration guidance, and recommendations. 
  • Propose a phased road map to address data protection priorities.
  • Communicate and promote the strategy to IT and business stakeholders.

Benefits: Advance & Improve Your Data Protection Program

By the end of the engagement we will have helped your team:

  • Agree on a future state architecture and road map
  • Select the controls and security measures likely to be most effective against probable risk scenarios 
  • Optimize the control mix, phasing, and integration methods 
  • Facilitate key stakeholder understanding of, and consensus on the strategy
  • Provide business justification and gain executive support
  • Accelerate project and program success
  • Position the business to measurably reduce risk and improve audit readiness or regulatory compliance posture

Let us provide more information on how we can advance your data protection program to meet risk and compliance needs.

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