The Challenge: The Ransomeware Epidemic

Ransomware is affecting increasing numbers of organizations including local government agencies, schools, health care centers, and more. As the ransomware epidemic expands, both the sophistication of exploit vectors and the size of ransom demands also increase. Victim organizations often face the agonizing choice of operating damaged IT environments at degraded service levels with high recovery costs or paying ransom at the expense of reputation and with no uncertainty of relief.

Our Solution: Ransomware Prevention & Remediation 

Preventing or remediating ransomware requires a multi-faceted approach. In terms of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework model, we help organizations:

  • Identify their most critical assets, vulnerabilities, risk scenarios, and control priorities. Where could ransomware really hurt?
  • Protect using anti-malware, user awareness, network segmentation, and other preventive controls. 
  • Detect and Respond quickly enough to contain the damage should a ransomware cyberattack strike home. This requires a full spectrum defense against the malware or even live cyber attackers in the network.
  • Recover post-containment through business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) program measures.

Implementing a ransomware remediation package and a full-spectrum anti-malware defense takes time and resources. Meanwhile, ransomware won’t wait. Organizations need to prioritize their efforts to gain maximum ransomware risk reduction in the shortest possible time. 

Our team members include the former Gartner for Technical Professionals anti-malware analyst, Open FAIR certified risk advisers, and seasoned security architects with many years of consulting experience. The ransomware readiness exercise prepares organizations to dramatically reduce risk through the following services:

  • Discover the organization’s ransomware readiness and perform a gap analysis.
  • Analyze and quantify up to 3 ransomware inherent risk scenarios.
  • Evaluate up to 3 ransomware remediation options with quantified cost/benefit residual risk analysis.
  • Recommend optimal remediation through prioritized actions to build up controls.
  • Deliver executive-level business justification.
  • Provide stakeholder buy-in facilitation and post-engagement support through our Trusted Adviser program.

Benefits: Reduce The Risk Of Ransomeware Incidents

  • Reduce the likelihood of ransomware gaining any foothold in the IT environment
  • Minimize business disruption from ransomware incidents
  • Mitigate regulatory, compliance, and reputation impacts from ransomware and associated attacks 
  • Reduce cyber-insurance costs and improve policies

Let us help you reduce the risk of an embarrassing and/or devastating ransomware incident.

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