The Challenge: Data Quality and Breach Risk

Organizations with a mix of medium- to high-risk custom, COTS, and SaaS applications often struggle with authorization. Authorization challenges are magnified when an organization has a high proportion of custom-built applications – especially when multiple development teams employ inconsistent methodologies and when data is shared with downstream COTS applications. Very serious negative business impacts result – including erosion of data quality, the risk from over-privileged users, degraded customer experience, and heightened regulatory and breach risk.

Our Solution: Fine-Grained Authorization Roadmaps

We help organizations develop a fine-grained authorization roadmap by modeling logical architecture and policy models, then adapting them to unique application environments.

  • Analyze client’s application environment, business requirements, and use cases through discovery interviews/workshops
  • Develop contextual and conceptual fine-grained models across each dimension in collaboration with the client’s business and application analyst
  • Define logical architecture blueprints and patterns for validated use cases
  • Create a roadmap to the future state architecture
  • Communicate and promote the roadmap to IT and business executives.

Benefits Of Fine-Grained Authorization Architecture: 

At the conclusion of the Fine-Grained Authorization engagement, clients will obtain:

  • Major risk reduction by eliminating authorization inconsistencies or gaps in the core application suite(s)
  • Improved user experience for employees, partners, and customers
  • Integration strategies to maximize authorization consistency across in-house application suites, COTS applications, and cloud-based services using their native models
  • Cost savings and risk reduction from improved automation of access policy management
  • Improved clarity and content of regulatory reporting on internal controls
  • Increased IT operational excellence and application security

How can we help your organization create Fine-Grained Authorization models and practices to improve access management and compliance?

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