Rational Cybersecurity Q4 Update

Since my Q3 update on the Rational Cybersecurity book project I’ve reached an important milestone. Take a look…

My goal is to get to a final draft (after rewrites) before the year’s end. 

I’m also grateful to have been able to present the Rational Cybersecurity project at George Washington University (GWU). At the talk, I received some feedback from a learned professor. He recommends that a book should not only describe what its objectives are, but also also what they are not. 

Here’s my current thinking on what the cover will look like.

Chapter Outline (With some slight changes since my last update)

  1. Rationalize Cybersecurity for your Business Landscape
  2. Identify Security Roles in your Organization
  3. Establish a Control Baseline
  4. Simplify and Rationalize IT and Security
  5. Manage Risk in the Language of Business
  6. Create a Strong Security Culture
  7. Put the Right Governance Model in Place
  8. Control Access with Minimal Drag on the Business
  9. Institute Resilience, Detection, and Response
  10. Putting the Pieces Together

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