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Security Governance 101: Choosing Models and Structures

Even on technical consulting engagements, Security Architects Partners often finds that a security governance issue is at the root of the problem we were brought in to solve. Therefore, we’ve developed a set of models and principles to help  organizations determine what should be shared, or centralized, what should be de-centralized and how to set up and operate matrix models. In this webinar, Principal Consultant Dan Blum explains structures that make sense in the different models.

Key Take Aways

  • Where should the CISO report in the organization?
  • How should the Group IT Security function be organized?
  • What are the roles and responsibilities for executive or advisory committees?
  • How do we communicate to executives about risk and security?
  • How can we bake security into day to day business processes?

To hear this Webinar

Click here for the February 11 recording. We may also rerun it for your vertical industry, or as a panel in the future.

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