After the typical architecture planning process concludes and implementation begins, the cast of characters on the security project changes. It can be difficult to keep outsourced system integrators or cross-functional development teams aligned on the target specifications, or with one another.

We can help cross-functional implementation or development teams stay on track to the target architecture, design, and roadmap by providing:

  • Briefings on the big picture and rationale for the overall approach
  • Advisory services and Q&A for key players
  • Rendition of selected architecture and design patterns into “Sprint Zero” content for Disciplined Agile work streams
  • Just-in-time, targeted training on selected topics as teams begin work streams or sprints
  • Subject matter expert or facilitation support for working meetings 
  • Review and comment on any change requests to the architecture, design, or roadmap
  • Proof of Concept (POC) guidance and support
  • Test plan development or review
  • Implementation feedback

At the end of the engagement, the delivered solution will be aligned with the architecture and more likely to provide the expected business value. 

To see how our implementation guidance service can help your teams stay aligned with an architecture: 

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