Does your organization have challenges developing clear, concise, and well-organized security policies or getting business buy-in for them?

We provide policy development and policy review services. This includes a focused assessment of existing policies to identify and correct gaps with recommended updates. We can create new, targeted policies suited to your organization’s IT environment, governance style, security objectives, and maturity level. We can develop custom policies and/or work from a variety of industry templates to create or optimize:

  • High-level security policy: We can ensure your policies set the right tone and objectives for each part of the security program, and establish an effective policy development lifecycle process moving forward.
  • Security standards: We can recommend, validate or develop detailed standards to govern the deployment and operation of solutions across each security domain.
  • Security guidance: We can develop additional decision support materials for those cases where hard and fast standards don’t apply, or must be selected on a case-by-case basis.
  • Security procedures: We can give your engineers, administrators, or business analysts guidance and templates, assist them in developing, or review draft security procedures (e.g., risk assessment processes, operations run books, incident response playbooks and more).  

At the end of the engagement, you’ll have appropriate and up-to-date policies that help your security program function more smoothly, gain broader adoption, improve compliance, and reduce risk.

For more information on how our Policy and Standards Development services can clarify security responsibilities and help improve policy adherence:

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