Organizations sometimes buy the leading security products and deploy all the checklist controls but neglect architectural planning. But without a coherent security architecture framework that’s aligned to the business, your entire cybersecurity infrastructure could become overly expensive, unfit for purpose, inefficient, and operate at a high risk of failure.

Developing security architectures and aligning them with the business is our core offering. Our team can combine workshops, assessments, and other services in a modular fashion. We can deliver a target architecture and actionable roadmap tailored to your needs covering any of our IAM or cybersecurity strategy portfolio offerings as follows: 

  • Hold a kick-off meeting to establish architecture team roles, firm up a schedule, orient business stakeholders, and begin information collection 
  • Conduct onsite or offsite discovery meetings or workshops
  • Provide Current State Analysis report
  • Facilitate Architecture Decisions Workshop
  • Prepare initial Target Architecture Recommendations and obtain feedback
  • Deliver Target Architecture Recommendations and Roadmap
  • Present Deliverable and/or Executive Summary to client architecture team and business stakeholders

All architecture deliverables will be aligned as necessary with cloud-first, hybrid cloud, BYOD, zero trust, API-enabling, devops, microservices, and other modern IT concepts. They address people, policy, and processes as well as technology to help organizations succeed at growing maturity in the target domains for optimal results.

At the end of the engagement, you’ll have a complete, fit for the purpose target architecture, a roadmap identifying phased projects and critical success factors for deployment, guidance for recommended solutions, high-level cost estimates, and increased business stakeholder buy-in. Your resultant security initiatives and projects can move forward with confidence to achieve the solution’s business, compliance, and risk reduction objectives.

For sample security architecture and roadmap content and a discussion of how this offering could help your security program:

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