Security technologies are complex, and it can be difficult to see through supplier “smoke and mirrors,” make an apples-to-apples comparison and acquire a fit for purpose solution.

We have extensive experience in developing RFIs or RFPs for security vendors or cloud service providers and in evaluating the responses. Our team can:

  • Feed business, operational, and technical requirements collected during assessments and architecture improvement engagements into the RFI/RFP’s underlying technical specifications.
  • Leverage our experience from multiple engagements to efficiently organize the responses utilizing pre-built templates, requirements matrices, and scoring instruments.
  • Help the client team develop response weightings and scoring methodologies to emphasize the most important criteria, pinpoint the key differentiating factors, and identify the advantages and disadvantages of competing solutions.
  • Work with the evaluation team to answer questions, help conduct or coordinate final fact-finding, and facilitate a decision.

At the end of the engagements, clients will arrive at a consensus recommendation for the winning solution that management can adopt with a high level of confidence in having the right decision and successful future outcomes.

To learn how we can improve your ability to procure the right cybersecurity service or solution through a clear cut process:

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