Almost all planning projects and other work efforts in cybersecurity require work group and stakeholder interaction to bring participants’ to a shared understanding of the subject matter, work through the issues, develop work output, and agree on decisions.

We offer the Workshops in the following formats to facilitate interaction and to support the successful conclusion of client projects.

  • Rational Cybersecurity Workshop: Help security leaders align with business stakeholders, gain buy-in for the security program or budget, and create an extended security team.
  • Readiness Exercise: One or more workshops to determine readiness, success criteria, and an action plan to drive a high-stakes client initiative. 
  • Facilitated Planning Session: Workshop(s) to assist a cross-functional team in exchanging information, producing work output, and arriving at a decision. 
  • Training Workshop: Half-day, full-day, or longer sessions to deliver presentations of prepared tutorial materials, or the use of training modules in engagements.
  • Public or Private Events: In addition to workshops, we can deliver conference keynotes and sessions, webinars, or other presentations for special events.

At the end of one of our workshop engagements, client participants will gained an improved understanding of the subject matter, exchanged information with participants and our instructors, and taken away actionable recommendations. 

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