When cross-functional teams form to address complex risk, IAM, or cybersecurity work items it can be a challenge to bring everyone up to speed on the essential concepts, exchange just the right amount of information between groups, pursue an agenda that meets the stakeholders’ needs, and deliver the required work output or decisions to move the business forward.

We provide facilitated planning sessions to help clients prepare and successfully execute cross-functionality projects using proven planning and decision-making instruments, and leveraging our facilitation skills and subject matter expertise.

  • Meet with the cross-functional team or initiative leader to understand the team or project objectives and stakeholder makeup.
  • Optionally disseminate questionnaires and collect responses prior to workshop(s).
  • Deliver “primer” training from the appropriate security domain modules in our knowledge base.
  • Orchestrate information exchange between the stakeholders.
  • Facilitate brainstorming, discussions, and analysis of options to arrive at desired work output or decisions.
  • Conclude with a final report that summarizes workshop results and our recommendations.

At the end of the engagement, your cross functional team will understand and have fully discussed the in-scope issues and alternatives. You’ll have a summary of the workshop proceedings, work output, and decisions to move the project or initiative forward. 

Can we explore some opportunities to provide a facilitated planning session with your stakeholders?

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