We offer the following training workshops in both public and private venues. All training workshops are highly-customizable. We can also extract individual training modules and tailor them for Facilitated Planning Workshops, Readiness Exercises, and other services. Topics currently include:

  • Refreshing your Security Strategy and Architecture
  • Developing an Agile Risk Management Framework
  • Modernizing your Identity Management Architecture and Program
  • How to Self-Assess Security and Prepare for Any Audit
  • Developing an Enterprise Authorization Framework
  • Securing your Enterprise Journey to the Cloud
  • Using Privileged Access Management to Protect what Matters
  • Rebuilding through Strategic Assessment in the Aftermath of a Breach

And the end of the training workshop, your attendees will have seen a presentation of the in-scope material, held discussions and Q&A sessions, and taken away copies of slides and supporting materials.

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