We offer the following training workshops in both public and private venues. All training workshops are highly customizable. We can also extract individual training modules and tailor them for Facilitated Planning Workshops, Readiness Exercises, and other services. Topics currently include:

  • Refreshing your Security Strategy and Architecture
  • Developing an Agile Risk Management Framework
  • Modernizing your Identity Management Architecture and Program
  • How to Self-Assess Security and Prepare for Any Audit
  • Developing an Enterprise Authorization Framework
  • Securing your Enterprise Journey to the Cloud
  • Using Privileged Access Management to Protect what Matters
  • Rebuilding through Strategic Assessment in the Aftermath of a Breach

And the end of the training workshop, your attendees will have seen a presentation of the in-scope material, held discussions and Q&A sessions, and taken away copies of slides and supporting materials.

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