Speaking at the User-Centric ID Live Conference in Washington, DC

The conference User-Centric ID Live program is now up at, where the copy describes it as “a comprehensive forum to address business challenges and commercial opportunities surrounding user-centric identity. The time is now. The products and services are being defined that will allow individuals to manage their personal identity across a range of web resources and mobile apps, commercial enterprises, retail and hospitality environments, in the workplace, at security checkpoints, and beyond.”

I’ll be speaking on October 16 at 9:00 AM ET. Here’s the abstract.

Respect Connect: Safe Single Sign-On from Personal Clouds

Social login services from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter have become the most successful federated identity solutions in history. But they introduce a middleman into online relationships that not everyone wants. The emergence of P2P personal cloud networks is promising a new alternative — single sign-on directly from a user’s personal cloud. Speaking on behalf of the 31 Respect Network Founding Partners, Security Architect Dan Blum will introduce Respect Connect personal cloud login.

The conference will have 3 tracks:

  • Track 1: Identity Ecosystems and Technologies
  • Track 2: National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyber-Space
  • Track 3: Relying Parties
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