Speaking at Consumer Identity World USA 2017

I will be speaking on “The Changing Fate of CIAM” at KuppingerCole’s Consumer Identity World 2017 conference.

LOCATION: Seattle  

DATE: Tuesday, September 12, 2017 – Wednesday, September 13, 2017 

I’ll also be on a “GDPR Economics: Survival of the Fittest” panel together with Katryna Dow and Tim Maiorino. This should be interesting!


The Consumer Identity World is the place where you can dive deeper into the world of CIAM. Learn more about privacy by design, Consent Life Cycle Management and the needs of your customers. Get to know how to secure their personal information in a strategic and user-friendly way.

The combination of Identity & Access Management and Customer Relationship Management continues to be a core element for any digital business. Because of all the different data sources, Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) needs to be secure, clear and user-friendly at the same time. This combination must be taken seriously to provide a smooth Customer Experience (CX) and to guarantee that every consumer can control the access of his personal information.

To reduce cyber-crime, fraud or other illegal activities, companies have to impose strong regulations to put in place mechanisms for “Knowing Your Customer.” These mechanisms would utilize analytics to develop baseline patterns for all their customers and to be able to spot behavior anomalies and investigate and block suspicious activities. Having an IAM infrastructure designed for managing consumer identities can significantly help the KYC effort.

Nevertheless, the EU General Data Protection Regulation is coming soon. Be prepared to deal with the personally identifiable information of EU citizens when compliance is required on May 25, 2018. Be part of the Consumer Identity World to get ready for treating your customer data right.


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