The Challenge: An organization’s security policy set (policies, standards, guidelines and procedures) are rarely perfect and may not accurately reflect the organization’s business realities or be fully up to date. The business and security landscape is constantly changing. Even if a policy set was optimal at a point in time, it requires maintenance and/or enhancement as the organization meets new business drivers, regulations, geographies, risks, threats and technologies. Furthermore, any disconnects between policy and reality on the ground puts the organization at increased risk of protection failure or legal/regulatory liability.

Our Solution: Security Architects Partners provides a full set of policy review and policy development services. We can do everything from providing a focused assessment of your existing security policies that identifies gaps and recommends remediation to actually correcting the gaps with policy updates. In addition, we can create new targeted policies suited to your organization’s IT environment, governance style, security objectives and maturity level. We can develop custom policies and/or work from a variety of industry templates to create or optimize:

  • High-level security policy: Security Architects Partners can ensure your policies set the right tone and objectives for each part of the security program, and establish an effective policy development lifecycle process moving forward.
  • Security standards:  We can recommend, validate or develop detailed standards to govern deployment and operation of solutions across each security domain.
  • Security guidance: In addition to developing documented architecture specifications, Security Architects Partners can develop additional decision support materials for those cases where hard and fast standards don’t apply, or must be selected on a case-by-case basis.
  • Security procedures: When providing detailed technical architecture documents or designing specifications at the security domain level. our consultants can also develop procedures, e.g. input to Run Books for security infrastructure tools, input to incident response processes and more. 

Benefits: Appropriate and up-to-date policies reduce risk and liability for organizations. Policies, standards and guidance are also likely to elicit broader adoption and a higher degree of compliance when they are structured in a role-appropriate manner and written at the right level for the applicable audiences within the enterprise. Consistent standards – when calibrated to the actual needs and maturity level of the organization – enhance manageability (and therefore security) wherever they’re applied. Proper guidance can assure multiple projects develop and deploy solutions to consistent architecture patterns, reducing risks and costs.


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