The Challenge: Security technologies are complex, and let’s face it, the vendors and service providers offering it prone to exaggerate their capabilities (or at least not be too transparent about the limitations). Even if customers clearly understand their basic requirements, it can be hard to see through all the smoke and mirrors, compare different options on an apples-to-apples basis and make the optimal choice at the right price.

Our Solution: Security Architects Partners’ consultants have extensive experience both in preparing requests for information (RFIs) or request for proposal (RFPs) for security vendors or CSPs, and in evaluating, assessing or scoring responses. In many cases, we’ll feed business, operational and technical requirements collected during assessments and architecture improvement engagements into the RFI/RFP’s underlying technical specifications. Leveraging our experience from multiple engagements, we’ll efficiently organize the material utilizing pre-built templates, requirements matrices and scoring instruments. Working with us, your team will hit the ground running with sample requirements, weightings and scoring methodologies – all completely customizable.

Our methodologies and instruments are calibrated to allow weighting of whatever criteria are more or less important to your situation. We’ll work to ensure that the analysis pinpoints the key differentiating factors, advantages and disadvantages of competing or alternative solutions. We’ll then work with the evaluation team to answer questions, help conduct or coordinate final fact finding and facilitate a decision.

Benefits: Selecting a fit-for-purpose security solution has major implications for risk reduction, costs avoidance and the organization’s ability to successfully execute the project. Security Architects Partners provides clients with an extension of staff and augmented expertise in RFI/RFP preparation, response evaluation and decision support services. These insights will help the selection teams reach a consensus decision that management can adopt with a high level of confidence in having the “right decision” and successful outcomes down the road.


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