Updating the Multi-Cloud Cybersecurity Reference Architecture

It is time to update the Multi-cloud Cybersecurity Reference Architecture I wrote for Techvision Research in 2020. If you’re a security architect, I’d welcome your feedback. Please download a detailed, complimentary excerpt and summary here and provide feedback via… Continue reading

The Cybersecurity Business Alignment Framework for Architecture

To ensure security architectures are relevant, you can define them using the Cybersecurity Business Alignment Framework provided in the Multi-Cloud Security Reference Architecture (“refarch”), Rational Cybersecurity for Business (“the book”), and a few other tools. 

Identifies core Cybersecurity Business Alignment Framework Elements

Per a previous post… Continue reading

How can Cybersecurity Architecture Align Modern Business and Technology Concerns?

Cybersecurity architecture can show help us align business and technology concerns by providing modernized views of core processes and technologies. Today, that means focusing on a hybrid, multi-cloud IT environment. To really deep dive on this, please sign up for… Continue reading

Digital Enterprises Need a Multi-Cloud Security Reference Architecture

A Security Reference Architecture model should enable businesses to create a business-centric, product-neutral, security process, and security technology savvy architecture of their own, to suit their circumstances. At a minimum, such models should provide diagrams you can modify to fit… Continue reading

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