The Internet of (Vulnerable) Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is all the hype these days. But Fearless Security – writing about “stupid security” – casts a whole new light on the subject.

What is it about IoT? I keep coming up with new acronyms:

  • IOPT: Internet of People and Things to say no to lock in, vulnerability and surveillance – but yes to secure, interoperable and people-controlled devices, apps, software widgets and smart data of all kinds.
  • IOVT: Internet of Vulnerable Things to say no to assuming risk, getting hurt or taking losses from our own stuff – but yes to systems that disaggregate risk, fail safe and again – put people in control.
My colleague Fred Cohen’s article Stupid Security Getting Even Stupider got me on this little rant. Fred writes:
“I want to use sequence locks on some doors instead of keys. But I don’t want an electronic device for many reasons; (1) the Internet of vulnerabilities (things), (2) if the electronics fail I can’t get in, (3) if there is a key as backup, then I still need the key and you can still pick it, (n) etc. Can I get one? I can… but not at an actual store. I have to buy it from an online dealer. And soon these will be completely phased out. Guess which costs more… the electronic ones! Worse, less reliable, more expensive. The opposite of the better, faster, cheaper we look for. – See more at:”
 I’ll be back to write about IOPT / IOVT some more soon.
Au revoir for now, you masters of the IOPT!
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