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What if we knew that cybersecurity’s plight is as much a leadership and organizational problem as a technical one?


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New book Rational Cybersecurity for Business is the security leaders' guide to stakeholder alignment & reducing risk & enabling the business

Rational Cybersecurity for Business

The Security Leaders Guide to Business Alignment

Misalignment between security and your business can start at the top in the C-suite or at the line of business, IT, development, or user level. It has a corrosive effect on any security project it touches. But it does not have to be like this.

CISOs and security leaders at all levels can use this comprehensive field guide to gain the support of top executives and get the security team working productively with business and IT stakeholders. You will discover how to improve working relationships with stakeholders in complex digital businesses, IT, and development environments. You will learn how to prioritize your security program, and motivate and retain your team.

Author Dan Blum presents valuable lessons from interviews with almost 60 security and business leaders. The book:

  • Identifies common alignment challenges and good practices scaled to businesses of different types, sizes, and vertical industries.
  • Provides actionable alignment advice in six priority areas: security governance and culture, risk management, control baseline, IT security simplification, access control, and cyber-resilience.
  •  Includes more than 50 specific keys to alignment.

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This new book – published by Apress in August 2020 – grew out of Dan Blum’s 25 year journey as a security architect during which he observed many security leaders struggle to gain support from their business stakeholders. 

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The Author has decided to open source the digital editions of Rational Cybersecurity for Business to create an open information flow on business alignment – the core topic for cybersecurity in our time.

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