If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.*

Security Architects Partners is dedicated to providing high-quality analysis as well as architecture and strategy recommendations through consulting projects. Our recommendations provide blueprints for future state architecture as well as implementation roadmaps and supporting business and technical justifications. These recommendations and plans help our clients move forward with large security, identity, and risk management projects.

However, IT and the business are always changing. It is said that: No plan survives contact with the enemy.**

In order to maximize the value of our recommendations and help clients keep the plans refreshed, we offer the following complimentary post-engagement support:

  • Quarterly Checkups
  • Email Q&A 

We want to be a Trusted Adviser and help clients succeed through ongoing relationships. Our door is always open.

* Attributed to Lewis Carroll

** Paraphrased from German military strategist Helmuth von Moltke