Updating the Multi-Cloud Cybersecurity Reference Architecture

security reference architecture summary diagram

It is time to update the Multi-cloud Cybersecurity Reference Architecture I wrote for Techvision Research in 2020. If you’re a security architect, I’d welcome your feedback. Please download a detailed, complimentary excerpt and summary here and provide feedback via contact us or via the LinkedIn Security Architecture group where I’m opening a discussion today.

multi-cloud cybersecurity reference architecture summary diagram


The Figure above is the highest level diagram for the Multi-cloud Cybersecurity Reference Architecture (“Ref Arch”), and this previous post has the back story and more detail. The Ref Arch has guidance on identifying the business and risk context for a digital enterprise. It helps with selecting and prioritizing security-related processes and functional or technical capabilities in the IT environment. Also, it maps security capabilities to NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) controls for convenient linkage to IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance (IT GRC) and solution architecture management tools. 

It models both security-related processes and security technologies across digital enterprises’ multi-cloud and edge system IT environments. It identifies capabilities required to support distributed security systems; enterprise security operations and services; customers, partners, and suppliers; and the enterprise IT/OT environment. The Business View of the Security Reference Architecture depicts the business context for the security program, security controls, and enterprise security infrastructure required for a Digital Enterprise.

The Functional Views include a Technology View and a Process View. These views map security-related technologies and processes into those required for security management and control systems, security monitoring, incident response, vulnerability and configuration management, network security, identity and access management, and information protection.

When you download the excerpt you’ll notice the Process View has relatively few acronyms, but the Technology View has lots of them. As the acronyms (and the industry itself) changes, the Ref Arch requires maintenance every few years. This is why we’re updating it this month!

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After you download the excerpt, please join the LinkedIn Security Architecture group where I’m opening a discussion today. You can also contact us here, or at Techvision Research, with any questions about the architecture and how to use it.

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