Which is Easier: Aligning Business to Security, or Security to Business?

Which is Easier: Getting Businesspeople to think in terms of Security, getting Security Teams to think in terms of Business? While security leaders should work both angles, I say the correct answer to Alyssa Miller’s original question (below) is “B”. Register here and tune in to my live panel tomorrow and you’ll hear a lot more about this from Alyssa, myself, and CISOs Joel Fulton and Michael Charland.

A cybersecurity to business alignment question on Twitter

I designed the original Buy-In Blueprint for my book Rational Cybersecurity for Business (available here for complimentary download). In the January 28 webinar, we’ll walk through the infographic (below) to explore how CISOs and their teams can engage the business to get the support we need. Attendees will take away a Buy-In Blueprint Cheat Sheet as well.

CISOs and security leaders at all levels need this blueprint for getting buy in from business stakeholders. In tomorrow’s January 28 11:00 AM ET panel, 3 CISOs will join me to consider:

  • Which is easier?
  • Do you start at the bottom or the top?
  • Buy-in Challenges and Successes: Some CISO stories.

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